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Indian Head Massage

The art of Indian Head Massage is an Ayurvedic form of healing and relaxation used widely in Asia to combat daily tension and stress.  This form of massage is now one of the most popular therapies at PS Therapies Brighton.

An Indian Head massage is the ideal way to get a person “out of their head”, far far away from everyday emotional and mental stress. In our culture today we spend much of our time in our heads, so this treatment can really help to calm the mind and is surprisingly deeply relaxing. Working with a firm and gentle rhythm it helps to relieve muscular discomfort and tension as well as calming the spirit and aiding relaxation, it also improves circulation in the head, enhances the senses and promotes clear thinking.

Indian Head Massage (IHM) works on both a physical and mental level. Benefits are: General and specific relaxation of muscles, providing immediate relief, dispersal of toxins, relief from chronic neck and shoulder stiffness, loosening of scalp, improved circulation of blood, promotion of hair growth, relief of eye strain, headaches, disturbed sleep, insomnia, tiredness, edginess and improves concentration.

By concentrating on the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension, Indian Head Massage provides a de-stressing programme for the whole body. Relieving tension in these key areas unlocks the energy trapped in the muscles, encouraging the flow of blood thereby re-energizing every part of the body.

Indian Head Massage has a far-reaching effect on every one of the body’s systems. It supports the nervous system by alleviating stress. By stimulating the Lymphatic system, the process of eliminating toxins is encouraged, and the body is cleansed and purified more effectively. The circulatory and immune systems are stimulated and the respiratory system reinforced.

Contact me at my Brighton clinic for more information about how you may benefit from Indian Head Massage.

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